Discrepancies and reserve

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How can you reduce your bank reserve ratio?

According to ICC statistics, the constant effort made by exporters to train their operational staff, by calling on training organisations, consultants, and even their banker, is apparently not enough. 
As a matter of fact, 2/3 of export documentary credits have Discrepancies at the time of their use. These problems in the “Financial Supply Chain” systematically lead to late payments, which in turn have a negative impact on the company’s cash flow.  
For many companies that are aware of this issue, the decision to acquire a tool dedicated to documentary credits is often motivated by the quest for a:


Reduction of financial costs (Bank charges, Cash flow).

Improved visibility of Documentary Credit flows (Analysis and Monitoring)


Reduction in the bank reserve ratio (Discrepancies, errors)

Reduction in Collection Timeframes (Cash flow, DSO)


Improved control of Export operations using Documentary Credits (Export risk).


We recommend that you use a dedicated software package:

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